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Sandra Castro-Carrera

Mama to LunaBella, Founder/Owner of Right at Home.

Favorite quote: "Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened." -Anatole France-

Sandra’s had a kinship with nature and critters of all kinds ever since she was a child. Growing up in a family of animal lovers and veterinarians, Sandra spent her childhood bringing in strays and nursing injured animals, from birds to chipmunks. She also worked as a veterinary assistant for Dr. Judith Rae Swanson, a well-respected Holistic Veterinarian in Chicago, where she gained valuable experience and a whole new perspective on pet care. Sandra’s passion for animals led her to found Right at Home Pets in 2003.

Matt Kyle

Schedule Manager







Rebekah Birmingham

Sign: Taurus (the bull)  Spirit Animal: Gentoo Penguin (king of the north!)


This isn't Rebekah's first rodeo!  A Minnesota to Chicago transplantee since 2001, she's always been surrounded by animals and the people who love them.  From mastiffs and kittens, pythons and turtles, ferrets and tetras, to yes, even goats and horses, Rebekah has always been caring for animals of all shapes and sizes.  An organically grown farm-to-city girl who is no stranger to being called the "stinky kid," she doesn't shy away from greasin' up her elbows and getting her hands dirty to provide your furry, scaled, or feathered family members with a safe, clean, and loving environment in your absence. 




Erika Sorg

Favorite Quote: CueeHarmony Cat Lady Video


Erika is a full time mom to two kitties, Quasar and Olive. She's a social worker on weekdays doing case management for people with disabilities. She loves being active outside and having a dog join her for walks is even better. Erika grew up with a motley crüe of critters which included a German shepherd, iguanas, gerbils, hamsters, a chinchilla, and cats galore! When she isn't working or cuddling her cats, she's in the kitchen trying out a new recipe, fending off the cats begging at her feet.


Walter Bezt

Bio coming soon!

Justin Baker

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