Thanks choosing Right At Home Pet Service! Here are some frequently asked questions and other information you should know before we care for your pet.


Q: What does a “Meet and Greet” consultation entail?
A: We come to your home and get to know you and your pet. We’ll ask questions about your pet’s activity levels, feeding habits, personality quirks--anything you can share with us that will allow us to offer a more customized level of service.  We’ll find out about your home needs as well (mail, newspaper, plants watered) and gather emergency phone numbers and contacts.  The consultation takes about 30 minutes.

Q: What does RAHP need from me?
A: We’ll have you fill out a form with all important information for our reference and we'll review it at the Meet and Greet. At that time, we'd require 3 sets of keys, 2 of which go to your regular and back up sitter and one set kept at our office in case of a lock-out or any other emergency.The other option is to rent a lock box from us for a one time rental fee of $30 and provide one set of keys that stay in the lockbox. Please try out all keys to ensure that they work. We will also test them during our Meet n Greet. Key tags only have your pet’s name on them.

For dog visits, we require that you provide doggie bags.

Q: How long is each visit?
A: Our standard visit is 30 Minutes. We also offer 20 minute, 45 minute, one hour and customized visits. Please allow a minimum two-hour window for daily dog walk. Petsitting visits are done in the 10:30a-4:30p window unless other arrangements are made. For cats, we aim to arrive around the same time daily so no more than 24 hours go by.

Q: How do I know how the visit went?
A: For daily dog walks and pet sitting, the details of our visit and photos are logged into our online portal which will automatically send you an email after the visit is complete.

Q: Will the same person walk my dog?
A: We will assign one main walker and if they are not available a substitute will walk your dog. Typically, we don't notify in advance that a substitute will be walking your dog. If you'd like to be notified, please let us know so we can make a note in our records.

Q: If I have a sleepover visit scheduled, how should I prepare?
A: To make our pet sitters feel at home, please provide the following: Clean sheets and towels, instructions on how to operate your TV/Cable, instructions on setting the heating/cooling system and the password to your wireless internet. If there’s anything else you think we should know while staying in your home, please leave us a note with the details.

Q: Will Right at Home give my pet medication?
A: We will administer pills to your pet, apply ear/eye medication and topical ointments for an additional fee. Pets needing insulin injections and subcutaneous fluids are taken on a case by case basis. Please inquire if we have a staff member available to provide this service. In some cases we may suggest you board your pet at a veterinary clinic.

Q: What if my pet becomes ill?
A: Ill animals are always our highest priority. If necessary, we’ll take your pet to your vet and if they can’t be reached, we’ll go to the local emergency pet clinic. We’ll stay with your pet and remain in contact with you until the issue is resolved. Depending on duration of time, some extra fees may be incurred.

Q: How far in advance do I need to make a reservation?
A: For dog walks, pet sitting and sleepovers, please reserve as far in advance as your plans allow. In order to avoid scheduling conflicts, please try to reserve at least 7-10 days in advance. During major holidays (i.e. Christmas, Hanukah, New Year’s, Thanksgiving) we suggest reserving at least 3 to 4 weeks in advance.


For same day dog walk/ cat sitting requests, there is a $5 additional fee per visit.


Please see dog walk and pet sitting pages for holiday fees.


Q: What is your cancellation policy?

All visits, including M-F daily dog walks that are cancelled with less than 24 hours notice are billed at 50% of service rate. Please make cancellation requests via the Time to Pet portal .


If we're unable to access your home, we arrive and your pet isn't there or you've forgotten to cancel, you'll be billed for th full rate of the visit.

Cancellation Fee for Visits During Holidays: 50% of total invoice (Cancel 15 days prior to avoid charges  


We do not reimburse you or give credits for visits that were not completed if you return early from a trip.


Q: How do I pay my bill?
A: You'll receive an invoice via email (open, click and pay!) or you can log in to your account on our portal to see your balance. We accept major credit cards
, checks and cash. When paying online, we also have an option for leaving a tip for your sitter. Tips are not expected but are greatly appreciated!


Q: How do I get the keys back?
A: For ease of service, we prefer to hold on to your 3 sets of keys or use a lockbox. However, we can arrange a time for pick up or drop for an administrative fee of $16, once your invoice is paid in full. We require a minimum of 48 hours notice for key pick up or drop off.


Q: Who do I contact if I have comments, concerns or kudos to give?
A: We want to make sure your experience with RAHP was a good one, so if you have comments, concerns or kudos, we want to hear from you! You can reach us via e-mail at schedule@RightAtHomePets.com or call 773-800-9636

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