While You’re Away, They're Right at Home


Don't put off another vacation for fear of leaving your fur babies behind. We’ll make sure your pets are well-cared for and given lots of attention and love.


We’re happy to follow your specific care instructions and we are proud to specialize in holistic care. It’s important to us that your pets are safe and stress-free. You can relax knowing they’re comfy at home, receiving the same kind of care you give them.

You'll receive an email after every visit which includes a photo and note with our detailed observations.


We’ll also gladly bring in the mail and water your plants during our visit. Our regular activity around your home increases security, too!

To schedule a "Meet & Greet" call us at 773.800.9636 or sign up here.


We also have experience caring for rabbits, birds, fish, hedgehogs, chinchillas, reptiles, hamsters, gerbils, & guinea pigs!


Daily Visits (One Pet)

30 minute visit: $18
45 minute visit: $23
60 minute visit: $28


Every Other Day Visits (One Pet)

At our discretion. If your pet is very social or has separation anxiety we recommend daily visits.


30 minute visit: $24
45 minute visit: $30
60 minute visit: $36


Includes feeding to your specifications. litter box maintenance and lots of TLC! Add $3 for each additional cat/pet. Add $5 for weekends. Additional fees apply for vists before 10a and after 5p.


For same day requests (less than 24 hours noitce), there is a $5 additional fee per visit.


Same day cancellation fee is 50% of visit rate.


If we aren't able to access your home, arrive and your pet is not there or you've forgotten to cancel, you'll be billed for the full rate of visit.


We do not reimburse or give credits for visits that were not completed if you return early from a trip.




Each Additional Pet (same home): Basic Rate  + $3

Walk/Visit Before 10am (8a-10a): Basic Rate  + $7

Walk/Visit After 5pm (5pm-7pm): Basic Rate  + $5

Walk/Visit After 5pm (7pm-9pm): Basic Rate  + $7

Weekend Walk/Visit: Basic Rate + $7
Holiday Walk/Visit: Basic Rate + $10


Key Pick Up/Drop Off: $16

Lock-Out Service: $20 during office hours (9a-5p), $35 off hours     
Emergency Vet Service: $25/hr

Emergency Meet & Greet: (scheduled within 72 hours of service date) $30