Rest Easy, Your Critters are Right At Home

The most comfortable and stress-free place for your pet is at home. Add our top-notch service and TLC to the mix and you've got a happy, healthy pet that feels secure while you're away. We don’t mind cuddling in bed with your fur baby, so go ahead, take that vacation you've been putting off!


Your sitter will arrive between 7-9 pm and stay until 7-9 am the following day. Your pet will get the same special care and attention that you provide, including your usual holistic care regimens. You’ll receive a detailed email update upon arrival and departure, along with super cute pics of your pets.


We’ll also gladly bring in the mail and water your plants during our visit. Our regular activity around your home increases security, too!

  • DOGS: $75 (One Dog) includes p.m. walk, sleepover, a.m. walk
  • CATS:  $75 (Two Cats) includes p.m visit/feeding, sleepover, a.m. feeding

    Add $10 for each additional pet. Add $10 on Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays. Add $20 for Holidays.